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I cannot thank you enough Jennifer for my wardrobe de-clutter and the shopping spree. I feel like a new woman! I now know what styles suit my body shape and I am buying the right pieces that compliment my lifestyle and existing wardrobe. Looking forward to doing it again for my summer wardrobe.

Kristy Smith 


"Thank you for another great styling session. What I love about the way you approach it is that you are open to working with the clothes I already have in my wardrobe and this means you actually save me money when we go shopping. You are full of energy and clearly love what you do and this makes the whole experience fun and easy. You are now my stylist of choice."

Justine Innes
Business Owner


"Jennifer came to me as a fashion consultant.  She was absolutely terrific.  I really wanted to clean out my wardrobe.  I had clothes in there that were so old but of really good quality.  Jennifer was inspirational in recycling those – updating them with belts, accessories and shoes.  I had almost everything I needed in the wardrobe but she managed to add some style and pizzazz.  I would thoroughly recommend her.  She left me feeling more confident in my wardrobe and with many new outfits from my existing wardrobe.  She also told me what I should source and what I needed to purchase.

Next step was a shopping expedition.  I didn’t want to buy anything, but I wanted to know what would suit me.  She was absolutely terrific.  I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough.  She then came back to my house and we threw out clothes that were inappropriate for my body and/or colouring.  Nothing is a hassle for Jennifer.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Jenny Madden
Senior Consultant


"Thank you for the shopping trip and wardrobe review. I really enjoyed the sessions and learn how to dress my age. Looking forward for another shopping session in the future!"



"I would like to thank Jennifer so much for helping me with personal styling. She was a true professional and really helped me with my wardrobe and to have the confidence to put pieces together."

Martita Richardson


"I love Fashion Parte! Jenny did a wardrobe assessment, styling session and shopping spree for me last Summer. It was something that I had always wanted to do but had never had the confidence to do it. I shouldn't have waited so long! It was a fabulous experience!

Jenny wasted no time in assessing my entire wardrobe and telling me what had to go due to being too old or unfashionable and what could be combined with what to create stunning outfits. This was just the advice that I needed. So many items I would never have thought to combine but they looked edgy and chic at the same time. They were just the looks I had always wanted to create but never felt that I quite got there! Jenny has great style and I trust her absolutely with her advice.

We ended the session with a list of wardrobe staples that I needed to make my wardrobe complete and a copy of the photos of me in my fabulous new outfit combinations arrived a day later. Jenny took me on a shopping spree a week later and I had such fun trying on clothes Jenny picked out for me, plus a few I managed to pick out myself! All the clothes I ended up buying were interchangable so I had far more new outfits than new pieces of clothes and the total cost was well within my budget.

I think the money spent on Fashion Parte is a great investment and no longer will I be buying the same, boring clothes. It teaches you to make the most of your current wardrobe by finding great outfits from what you already have - outfits you would never even have thought of. it also teaches you to shop smarter. Less is often more when it comes to clothes! I was 110% happy with Fashion Parte's services and would not hesitate to highly recommend them to friends and family."

Nicola Ingold
Senior Policy Officer


"I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me at my styling session. I have felt so much more confident dressing ever since, and have received a lot of positive comments about the change.

It also made it easy to part with clothes that really needed to go but which I hadn’t quite felt comfortable getting rid of before.

The friends who I’ve recommended to you are also raving about you (and looking really well dressed).
I also appreciated your calm, friendly approach – it made the session very enjoyable."

Kim Caruthers
Business Owner


"I’d just like to say thank you so much for my personal styling session and for going through my wardrobe and sorting my clothes out.  I can actually see what I have!

It was a fun day and you picked out things that I never ever would have tried on before.  I also loved that because you were there I could try on so many more things - I would have given up after 30 minutes if I was on my own out of frustration!

Since our session,  I’ve worn many things in my wardrobe that I haven’t worn in years!  So basically you’ve saved me loads of money by teaching me what goes with what.   I  will definitely call you again when I need to update my wardrobe.

Thanks again!"

Linda Trevor
Executive General Manager


"Thank you Jennifer for helping me clear out my old clothes, I would never have done it without you! It was great to also learn how to put outfits together with my existing wardrobe. The real fun was the shopping spree, I would never have been able to choose the clothing in the time we had, especially when I have young kids and very little time to shop. I am looking forward to summer shopping now!"

Anita Weinberger
Mother of two 


"Thanks Jennifer, I am thrilled with my new wardrobe and amazed how well you managed to incorporate my existing clothes into some great new looks. Hubby is also thrilled with all the wardrobe space i've managed to "de-clutter". Looking forward to doing it all again in Summer."

Noga Edelstein


"Jennifer has a real flair for fashion. She is also very honest in her approach and gave excellent advice on the type of clothes that would fit my body. The wardrobe de-cluttering is a great service for anyone who just wants to re-organise their wardrobe and you feel great afterwards!"

Jacqui Ashley
Managing Director


"Jennifer at Fashion Parte is just an amazing lady, she knows her stuff, cuts to the chase and can sort your wardrobe out in just a couple of hours. I can highly recommend Jennifer, 100% professional in every way."

Tammy Sawyer
Systems Analyst


"Jennifer initially came to my house for a wardrobe review. I was relieved to find out that I did not have too many items of clothing in my wardrobe that she disapproved of. However, I had a lot of clothes that I did not know how to wear. Jennifer was able to put outfits together for me even paying attention to what jewellery, shoes, bag, etc, should go with the outfit. She then took photos of me so I would remember the outfits in future.  I already had everything in my wardrobe I just didn't know how to put it all together.

At the end of the session Jennifer was able to tell me what essential items she felt I was missing from my wardrobe. Not too much... a classic white tee, black leather belt and a pair of pumps.

I had such a great time with her that we then met in the city for a little shopping spree!! She helped me pick out the missing items from my wardrobe and we picked up some other new clothes and accessories as well.

The best part of it all is Jennifer does not pressure you into buying anything. She will point out what will look great on you and it is your decision if you want to buy anything. No pressure at all!

I want to thank Jennifer for helping me put together some great outfits and also for making me feel great in my clothes!"



"I thought I had my style all worked out - a collection of with timeless, classic-cut, corporate clothes which I could co-ordinate to wear into the office during the week and then dress down for casual events on the weekend.    I had two wardrobes.  One for clothes that I wear day to day - all color  coordinated, and another with those clothes I couldn't bring myself to part with. Boy was I in for a surprise. After a brief talk about my concerns and desires I had around my style - which were few as I thought I had it all worked out... Jenny set to work. She went through both wardrobes and managed to whip up the latest trends that made me look younger and trimmer than I had in 20 years.  Within a short 2 hours Jenny had utilised all of those "clothes I'm not confident to wear" into what is now my day to day wardrobe.  She had me dressed up to look like a catwalk model and my self confidence sky rocketed as I could see dramatic changes in my appearance with a simple mix and match I NEVER would have thought of.  Jenny has taken my style to a whole new level where I know what I'm going to wear each day, given me some wardrobe space as I've delightfully ditched all of those clothes that I know won't serve me, and a whole new air of grace and self confidence I never realised was possible

Having been an international fashion model herself, Jenny's skills and expertise are usually only ever seen on celebrities in magazines. I believe every woman needs a session with Jenny to establish her own style and just feel good about herself - after all, aren't most women giving the best part of themselves to others - why not give this precious gift to themselves."

Sue Storey
Life/Performance Coach