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At Fashion Parté we have helped people in all kinds of companies, we help them project a more authentic, appropriate image, whether for themselves or their companies. Like it or not, every day people form impressions about you and your company, based on the way you present yourself.

Our goal is to equip both companies and individuals with the tools they need to build a dynamic professional image.

At Fashion Parte, we assist individuals within corporate companies to project a more appropriate and professional  image.


Jennifer Austin, Fashion Parté founder, began her career as an international runway/print model where she was sent all over Asia while completing her bachelor degree in human management. From there she continued modelling while operating a small fashion accessory importer and started organising and consulting on fashion shows and on photo shoots.

Since arriving in Australia a decade ago Jennifer modelled and worked in a variety of fashion retail roles  Australia. Along with various positions in corporate training and consulting, Jennifer always stayed close to her roots helping people with their fashion styles, curing their closets, simplifying their lives and guiding them to discover their own personal styles.

She is a member of Association Image Consultant International, Accredited Colour Consultant and a lecturer at Sydney Community Colleges, Macquarie Grammar School and June Daly Watkins.

Jennifer styled over 200 women in the past year, women of different sizes, ages and shapes. Her philosophy with her clients is “be true to yourself”. This means embracing what works best for their body and personality. I teach them the skills to dress fashionably in clothes that suit their shape, size and lifestyle and also how to dress to a budget.  I love seeing the transformation in a person’s self esteem and confidence that can be achieved through some creative but simple stylistic touches

In addition to personal styling sessions, wardrobe de-cluttering and personal shopping sprees Jennifer also conducted fashion styling workshops for groups and corporates and planned and hosted several fashion events.


First impressions count, which is why individuals and companies value Sharmin Musca, personal stylist and image consultant, and what she offers. 

With an engaging format, her corporate styling workshops teach staff at all levels how to project a professional image relevant to their position in the marketplace. Professionals who have booked her informative one-on-one styling sessions have seen marked improvements in their confidence and productivity.

Sharmin Musca, Partner, has run her own personal and corporate styling business for many years and is now collaborating with Fashion Parte. 

She began working in the television industry over 14 years ago, first in a PR role then styling celebrities for photoshoots and events like the Logies. Sharmin has worked with many professionals across all walks of life from CFOs and bankers to architects and artists, helping them confidently project an image that suits their style, body shape and lifestyle.

Sharmin is also a fashion writer and editor for a Sydney street press magazine. 



Deavanne Athanasakis, Senior Styllist, TV presenter/host and blogger. Deavanne studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion and has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry. Her popular fashion blog Mamastylista, is also the Fashion Editor of Eastern suburbs newspaper 'Latte Life' and online magazine Leaders in Heels.



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Olimpia Zajac, Partner, is a professional make-up and beauty therapist with over 9 years of experience in the industry – 5 years of which was dedicated to her own flagship store which she operated in Sydney’s exclusive Double Bay. Olimpia has also had over 10 years experience in the modelling industry.









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